Competition Update: Day 5 (Testing Week)

Posted on: July 19, 2019

With a lot of testing yet to go, and our window of time narrowing, the Badgerloop team had a long day at the SpaceX lot working out the kinks in our electrical system. Specifically, our “E-team” spent almost all day working on executing our state diagrams (the stuff that tells the pod to move autonomously). Many hours and small issues later, we successfully ran through our state machine once. The team decided to head back to Bulletproof so we could work on other fixes because it was getting late. We plan on showing this to our advisors first thing tomorrow morning and moving forward, contingent on SpaceX approval.

Earlier in the day, the mechanical team showed the reconfiguration of our lateral stability system to our advisors to see if it worked. Fortunately, we implemented an appropriate fix and confirmed that our pod fits well on the rail. This was a big win for the mechanical team, as this was one of our main issues last competition.

Aside from our busy day of working on the pod, we gave a presentation to SpaceX discussing the background of our team as well as a high level overview of our technical systems. We also welcomed the rest of our team tonight, after most of them arrived throughout the day and then met us at Bulletproof in the evening.

Tomorrow is yet again another critical day, and we hope we can make an open air run in the tube by the end of it. Big thanks to all who have supported us and read these updates so far, we really appreciate it! Wish us luck!