Competition Update: Day 3 (Testing Week)

Posted on: July 17, 2019

Today’s day of testing started rapidly as we met with our advisors right away at 9am. Fortunately, after practicing the night before, we were able to prove the functionality of our electrical system and confirm health checks, starting off on the right foot. We then continued to work on the navigation of the pod as well as our state-machine diagrams for tomorrow, which are absolutely necessary for a safe and successful run in the tube.

Similarly, the mechanical team jumped in right away by spending the morning showing our advisors the fit of the pod on the rail. We ran into a hiccup with the lateral stability system, however, and are currently in the process of reconfiguring the fit to check tomorrow.

Not only was the morning busy, but we spent the remainder of the afternoon/evening on the testing lot preparing to test our pod in the vacuum chamber. This is another necessary check that ensures no systems will fail or cause problems in the vacuum tube. While we were not experiencing any major problems during the pump down, our low voltage batteries were low to start with and died in the middle of the test which required us to exit the vacuum chamber without completing the test. Fortunately, this is an easy fix, and we will be trying to tackle this again first thing tomorrow.

Looking ahead, we plan on pushing full throttle as today marked the halfway point until Competition Day. Another late night at Bulletproof is in store, and we hope to hit the ground running as soon as we can get on the testing lot tomorrow. Wish us luck!