Competition Update: Day 2 (Testing Week)

Posted on: July 14, 2019

A busy night led to an even busier day on the SpaceX testing lot. While not ideal, the electrical team had a long night continuing to debug as they prepared the batteries and tested pod navigation and functionality. The extensive work done the night before paid off, however, as they were able to successfully prove to SpaceX today that our batteries were safe and functional despite their high voltage characteristics. After this, more work was done to prepare for meeting with our other advisors. Unfortunately, we were not able to have time with them later in the day because they were kept busy with other teams—tomorrow we will be able to peel off more layers of the system to ensure full pod functionality electrically.

The mechanical team had a successful day working with our advisors to ensure our structure was sound. We have certainly made a number of improvements on both systems since last year, and this is coming to fruition especially in our mechanical subsystems. Tomorrow we hope to make sure our pod fits appropriately on the rail (a check we have done at our test track at the Steamfitters facility, one of our generous sponsors) so that we can ensure it will be undamaged in the tube as well.

Overall, today had its slow points but they were accompanied by a couple major steps forward. We even got to tour The Boring Company and see one of the tunnels! By assigning a bedtime to the electrical team and drinking copious amounts of hotel coffee, we are looking forward to the day tomorrow. On Wisconsin!