Competition Update: Day 1 (Testing Week)

Posted on: July 15, 2019

Today was our first official day onsite with our SpaceX advisors. With a lot of tests to complete and only a week to do so, we aimed to start strong and came prepared with a rough plan of what we wanted to do for the day. Specifically, the electrical team had a late but successful night debugging to prepare for a long day in the hot California sun. They were able to make some progress on pod navigation and the batteries, as well as thoroughly go through battery safety in the evening to ensure that all members would be safe in the event of a battery emergency. Tomorrow, they hope to comprehensively ensure full navigation and high voltage functionality by tweaking a few things and digging deeper into their systems.

Mechanically, we worked on having complete documentation of our structure to prove to SpaceX that our pod is sound in its critical joints and connections. Tomorrow, we hope to begin working on more mechanical systems after spending some time with the pneumatic system tonight.

Team dinner at In-N-Out Burger tonight (a west coast Culvers) has everyone in good spirits, and we are beginning another late night at the Bulletproof Automotive and Unplugged Performance garage. We hope to share more progress come tomorrow!

Finally, we'd like to extend a shout-out to Bulletproof Automotive and Unplugged Performance, as well as BCP Transportation. Both of these returning sponsors are essential partners in our continued success with the competition. We couldn't possibly do this without them!

Let's #breakapod!