Competition Update: Day 0 (Testing Week)

Posted on: July 14, 2019

With the team and pod now fully present in California, we spent the day debriefing with SpaceX and getting organized for the week ahead. A team dinner and a (relatively) full night’s sleep allowed us to start the day strong at our general safety briefing where we were able to talk with our advisors about the safety of specific systems on the pod and how we would go about loading and unloading our pod in an appropriate manner. Once cleared to unpack, we spent the remainder of the day organizing our tent and running errands to ensure that we have all the spare parts and printer ink necessary to prove to SpaceX that our pod works and will be (hopefully) capable of a successful run in the vacuum tube. Our afternoon ended with a tour of the SpaceX facility, where we were able to hear about their current progress and innovations.

Now, we are currently at Bulletproof Automotive and Unplugged Performance, a premium car performance upgrade company that generously lets us use their garage to work on the pod well into the evening hours. We plan to verify that our pod is still functional after almost a week of travel so we are ready to pass as many tests as possible in the upcoming days.

Check back tomorrow for another update, as these will be posted daily. Thank you for supporting us, and #breakapod!