Monthly Update: October 2018

Posted on: November 6, 2019
We’re back for our second update of competition IV!

The past month was full of continued work on our next pod design, as well as a couple fun events and some team bonding. Just as we did last year, the Badgerloop team showed off our work to the Madison community during the 2018 Wisconsin Science Festival at the Discovery Building. Hundreds of parents, children, and educators were in attendance to see a variety of STEM-oriented exhibits, demonstrations, and projects. We were lucky enough to be among them and talk about the future of transportation. The team also got together for a bonfire at Picnic Point a couple weeks ago, with former, current, and new members all getting to know one another better!

Here’s what we accomplished in October:

Our technical teams – mechanical and electrical – are working hard to finalize their designs and begin putting them to the test. Over the past month, we dove even further into the details of the design to ensure everything is accounted for. As we inch closer to completing a full pod design, the various technical sub-teams are going through design reviews, double checking analysis, and gearing up for fabrication and eventual testing. With additional experience and a number of lessons learned from previous years, we aim for our fourth pod to be the best yet!

While we work on meeting our monetary fundraising goal, the finance and industry relations teams are prepared for the technical teams to begin construction of the pod in the coming months. Our virtual reality team continues to improve and add to simulations, including a look at what a ride in a complete hyperloop system might look like. Meanwhile, the communications team and feasibility team have begun work on some really cool projects that we hope to share down the road.

We’ll be back again next month with more Badgerloop news, but in the meantime feel free to follow us on social media and look out for opportunities to visit us at outreach events!