Monthly Update: November and December 2018

Posted on: January 8, 2019

With finals and the holiday break taking up most of December, we decided to hold off on an update until the New Year. From exciting outreach events, to some pretty big internal milestones and a chance to connect with some of our sponsors, the last two months of 2018 were super busy and incredibly exciting

Here’s what we accomplished towards the end of 2018:

The mechanical and electrical teams finished designing their systems and have started fabricating parts. They also completed numerous tests and analyses to ensure that every component and system would perform as well as we need it to. As we move into the New Year, our fabrication process will ramp up so we can start assembling and testing the pod well before competition. Here’s a quick breakdown of what some of the sub-teams are working on:

  • Stability made a lot of progress with the pod’s dynamic model. This proved quite the challenge because we are using a new software called Adams.
  • Analysis continues to work on final FEAs for the mechanical sub-teams.
  • Propulsion, braking, and structural finalized their designs and started the early phases of fabrication and testing with help from many team members.
  • The controls team succeeded in getting the controller area network (CAN) working on a Beaglebone single board computer which will speed up development of the controls system.
  • The software team is making a lot of progress on the dashboard.
  • Both low-voltage and high-voltage have their respective PCBs in the final stages of review.

The operations teams have also been incredibly busy over these past couple months. Our virtual reality team continues work on their simulations and experiences, and the website team is hard at work with site maintenance and development. For finance and industry relations, fundraising efforts continue; building a pod is an expensive endeavor, and we rely on financial and material support from many generous sponsors. The feasibility team continues work on their research into how high-speed transportation like the hyperloop could impact cities and aid in the development of countries around the world. With a new semester coming up at the end of January, outreach and recruiting is looking forward to finding more members to help with the project. They also attended several events for youth in the Madison area towards the end of last year and had a lot of fun sharing our work with them. Finally, the communications team is hard at work on a number of videos that we hope to start releasing in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to our social media channels for more news about that.

We hope you had a happy hyperloopin’ holiday and we wish you all the best in 2019. As always, check back soon for more Badgerloop news, and in the meantime feel free to follow us on social media and look out for opportunities to visit us at outreach events!