Monthly Update: January 2019

Posted on: Febuary, 2019

The spring semester is well underway, and progress continues on our new pod! The polar vortex near the end of the month posed a couple logistical challenges due to the record low temperatures (-60 degrees) in Madison and subsequent flooding to some parts of campus, but we made it through unscathed. Some extremely dedicated Badgerloopers even took advantage of campus closures to get extra work done on the pod!

Here’s some of the progress we made in the new year:

The mechanical and electrical teams are making a big push towards fabrication on the pod; our goal is to have ample time for testing before we get to California this summer. They also continued workonnumerous tests and analyses to ensure the success and safety of every component on the pod. Additionally, we restructured our weekly meetings which should prove a more efficient use of time and allow for more hands-on work in meetings. Here are some brief updates from the team leads:

  • The braking teamreanalyzed all parts in theirassembly for various loading scenarios and begantesting and designing components for the pneumatics trays.
  • All high voltage circuitry was completed and laid out on PCBs, the mounting mechanisms for the battery system were designed, breakout PCBs for each battery module were designed and created, and a secure enclosure for high voltage components was designed.
  • The low voltage team completed all PCB design and worked on integrating their system mechanically onto the pod including enclosure design for the PCBs and harnessing.
  • Propulsion wheel machining was finished by one of our incredible sponsors, Savannah Precision Machining, and the wheel is now in the hands of another sponsor, Meridian Laboratory, where it will be coated in polyurethane. Some final analysis was conducted on the rest of the components and both fabrication and friction testing will begin shortly.
  • The software team made big strides establishing a two-wayconnection between the embedded controls and the dashboard. The pod can now send data to the dashboard and thedashboard can now send commands to the pod. They alsoadded a terminal and a latency counterto the dashboard.
  • The analysis team created a check list of the hand calculations needed for Pod IV that will be collected and put into the documentation we bringto competition for testing week.
  • The stability team finalized the dynamic model values, and prepped for fabrication including part drawing creation, stock and part list organizing, and strength analysis verification.
  • The controls team brought network communication between the pod and dashboard online. They also started work on the state machine and wrote a driver for their analog to digital converters.
  • Fabrication members are working on getting their CNC upgrades and improving their machining skills. Fabrication methods are also being researched, with plans to make the manufacturing phase of our project as successful as possible.
  • The structural team sent out tooling material to begin fabrication on the shell and prepped tooling for the pressure vessel.

Some of the biggest news from our operations teams is that our new website is live! It’s still a work in progress, but feel free to take a look around and let us know what you think. The communications team also premiered their #MeetTheTeamMondayseries on YouTube. We will release a new video every week highlighting each of our sub-teams and their hard-working members. Industry relations continues their work on funding the project, and the finance & supply chain team has started ordering parts and stock for usto build the pod. The VR and feasibility teams are still hard at work on their projects which will provide insight into the future of hyperloop in Wisconsin. We know many of you are excited to see the fruits of their labors, and hopefully we’ll have much more to share in the near future. Finally, outreach and recruiting is always very busy at the start of a new semester. Last week we spent an afternoon recruiting new members at the spring student org fair, and we’re looking forward to our spring kickoff meeting this coming Monday. If you’re a student at UW-Madison and interested in learning more, fill out the contact form on our website and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on all Badgerloop related news and meeting times!

The anticipation is building as we draw ever closer to reveal and competition, and we hope you’re looking forward to seeing all the hard work pay off as much as we are. As always, check back next month for another update. Until then, keep an eye on our social media for news and announcements regarding outreach events, and don’t forget to watch the latest #MeetTheTeamvideos every Monday!

Happy looping!