Monthly Update: February 2019

Posted on: March 28, 2019

Midterms are upon us, and spring break is over! We pride ourselves on having a team full of dedicated members who not only excel in their academic work (while often working at jobs and internships), but also find extra time to contribute to Badgerloop. Despite our busy schedules, progress continues!

Here’s what happened in February:

The fabrication process is well underway, and everything is coming along nicely. Thanks to some of our dedicated sponsors we’ve even had help with many of our more complex parts! Here are some brief updates from the mechanical and electrical team leads:

  • The Software team continued working on dashboard-to-pod communication and conducted the first test for displaying sensor data on the dashboard. They also continue making UI changes and improvements to the dashboard.
  • Propulsion team moved into fabrication with all of their parts. They received the propulsion wheels back from our sponsor Meridian Laboratories, which will now be sent out to Balanstar for balancing. They also conducted a polyurethane friction test to determine the static coefficient of friction for the propulsion wheels.
  • The High Voltage team moved forward with populating the printed circuit boards along with working with sponsors to obtain expensive materials that are needed. They also worked closely with the battery team to complete electrical harnessing.
  • The Battery team worked on finalizing and sending parts for manufacturing for clean mechanical integration. All battery voltage tap and thermistor harnessing was completed as well. The first revision of PCBs was received and populated to set up for upcoming testing.
  • The Low Voltage team worked on assembling the printed circuit boards in conjunction with the other electrical teams. They also solidified the harnessing design—with the help of some mechanical team members—in order to start fabricating.
  • The Stability team moved into the “ready for fabrication”stage. They also began finalizing all of the FEA documentation, and have started prepping for assembly and testing that will happen once the pods chassis is complete.
  • The Controls team worked on getting the networking between the dashboard and the pod modules established. They also continued to add to the state machine and started communicating with peripherals such as the battery management system.
  • The Braking team finished making part drawings, and ordering material. Thay are now working on fabricating our final design and building the pneumatic controls.
  • The Structural team started preparing molds for the shell and pressure vessel. They also coordinated the fabrication of numerous structural components with other sub-teams and some of our incredible sponsors.
  • The Fabrication team is hard at work machining parts for other sub-teams. Complicated and high-tolerance parts are outsourced to the UW Instrument Shop.

The operations teams started planning for our reveal event coming later this spring (more info on that below). They also attended numerous events to promote STEM education. Here are some updates from the operations team leads:

  • The VR team successfully integrated Leap Motion technology into the Unity Game Engine and have started working on a new VR experience called The Station. New members worked on familiarizing themselves with Unity and began working on their projects.
  • The Industry Relations team began the process of providing our corporate partners with our sponsor benefits. Our website was updated to reflect this competition's partners and a handbook of our members’ resumes was created for some of our sponsors.
  • The Outreach & Recruiting team started with the Spring Student Organization Fair at the beginning of the month; their work helped gain many new members for the team. They also organized and attended the College of Engineering Preview Days where they talked to many future badgers about Badgerloop.
  • The Finance & Supply Chain team completed an analysis of our current financial standing and made numerous purchases for the pod.
  • The Communications team continued working on the #MeetTheTeamMondayseries while also helping other sub-teams with various multimedia tasks. They also acquired content for social media, videos, and other projects.
  • The Website team focused on making sure our current sponsors are reflected on our website. They also started setting up a development environment to begin creating additional functionality on the website.
  • The Feasibility team worked conducted a study on the integration of mobility in the near future, specifically how hyperloop and other high-speed transportation isn’t going to replace current means of transport such as cars and airplanes, but will bridge the gap between them.

Finally, we are thrilled to announce that our Pod IV Reveal Event is scheduled for Wednesday, April 17 at 7:00pm in the Memorial Union Great Hall. This will be our first chance to showcase the new pod with the public, so we hope to see you there!

That’s it for now. Check back next month for another update, and be sure keep an eye out for more news about upcoming events. We can’t wait to share all our hard work with you.

Until then, keep on looping!