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Hyperloop is a lightning-fast transportation technology that will completely revolutionize modern transit. Since its proposal by Elon Musk in 2013, the innovative idea has evolved into a clearly influential technology of our near-future. Ultimately, the design consists of a levitating pod traveling at nearly 760 miles per hour through an evacuated steel tube. The low pressure minimizes drag forces, while contact-less magnetic levitation further diminishes energy loss. The combination of these features poise Hyperloop as the new world-wide standard for high-speed transportation efficiency.

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Checkout the Video of the Pod Reveal Event!

Sub-System Demos

Presented to industry officials
and SpaceX judges

Design Weekend

Placed 3rd for overall design, out of 76 international design and build teams

Competition Weekend

Design and build teams will compete at SpaceX's one-mile test track this summer

Our Team

David Van Veen
Duncan Adams
Technical Director
Claire Holesovsky
Operations Director
Eric Amikam
Anthony Palumbo
Structure Design
Max Henry
Peter Procek
Virtual Reality
Ben Farley
Alec Fisher
Dynamic Modeling
Jonah Pelfrey
Michael Schlicting
Kali Kinziger
Industry Relations
Eric Schirtzinger
Zuf Wang
Finance & Supply Chain
Jack McGinty
Noah Pulvermacher
Jon Barker
Power Systems
Nathan Orf
Vaughn Kottler
Justin Williams
Matthew Benbenek

The UW-Madison Badgerloop Team was recently selected by SpaceX to participate in the first-ever Hyperloop prototype as part of the Hyperloop Pod Competition. As one of 30 international design teams we will present and test a scaled prototype at the mile-long test track in Hawthorne, California. In order to accomplish such a task, our student organization relies on diverse membership from both STEM and Business majors, as well as an accomplished body of industry and academic advisors. This project will culminate in the final Competition Weekend where our primary goal is to produce a fail-safe, passenger-friendly, scalable prototype that successfully levitates throughout the length of the test track. Beyond just the competition aspect, Badgerloop is proud to collaborate and participate with premier researchers all over the globe, laying the foundation for the future of transportation.

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Membership Requirements:
At least 75% of our members must be UW-Madison students. In accordance with Regent Policy 30-06, “Policy on Recognition of Student Organizations,” BadgerLoop as a student organization extends membership and all membership privileges, including voting and eligibility to hold office, to all students without regard to age, ethnicity, gender (except as otherwise permitted by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972), disability, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status, except those student organizations that select their members on the basis of commitment to a set of beliefs (e.g., religious or political beliefs) may limit membership and leadership positions in the organization to students who affirm that they support the organization’s goals and agree with its beliefs. Any full or part-time student may join BadgerLoop regardless of major.

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